Autajon Labels Nederland B.V.

Adres Demkaweg 20
Postcode / Plaats 3555 HW UTRECHT
Land Nederland
Telefoon +31-(0)30-6959124
Fax +31-(0)30-6954928

Autajon Group

Autajon is a manufacturer of folding cartons, labels, set-up boxes and POS, for various market sectors such as Perfumes & Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Wine & Spirits as well as Confectionery (Chocolate-Coffee-Tea)...

In 1964, Alain and Suzanne Autajon start up their business in the production of pharmaceutical cardboard folding boxes in Montélimar (Drôme, France).

A few years later, the family company embarks on a phase of fast and constant development by entering new markets (Perfumes & Cosmetics, Confectionery, Wine & Spirits).

By 1995, the targeted acquisition of new companies specialised in folding boxes, both in France and abroad, enables Autajon to become an international Group.
This external growth is ‘ongoing' at Autajon : the integration of new companies specialised in wine and industrial labels is, constantly, reinforcing our position as leader in these specific markets.

Today, the Autajon Group, represented by 24 subsidiaries located in 7 countries in Europe and the United States, is catering to the needs of both small local companies as well as of the most prestigious international brands… always, in a spirit of technical guidance and of creativity.

The goal of the Autajon group is to become a major European leader in the manufacture of both folding cartons and labels.

The specific skills in each of our activities as well as the synergies between the different companies of our group are all forces and dynamics which should allow us to achieve this objective.
In the aim of sustaining our production plants, of expanding our business and of ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, we have chosen to continuously challenge ourselves and to adopt a policy of constant improvement.

This voluntary approach, coupled with our know-how, will permit us to continue developing relentlessly …

Our industrial efficiency

  • In the mastering of all of our production processes,
  • In our compliance with all regulations applicable to our business in terms of security and environmental issues,
  • In the reduction of our impact on the environment (raw materials, energy, VOCs, …)

Our human and relational efficiency

  • By focusing on the workplace environment, the development, the participation and the empowerment of each individual employee,
  • By anticipating and listening to our clients' expressed needs and by becoming a driving force for proposals.

Our efficiency in the running of our Quality management system

  • ISO 9001 certification on all of our production sites,
  • The monitoring and reduction of customer claims,
  • The active participation of our employees in work ‘think tanks',
  • Operational excellence.
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