Trivium Packaging

Adres Zutphenseweg 51
Postcode / Plaats 7418 AH DEVENTER
Land Nederland
Telefoon +31-(0)570-682000
Fax +31-(0)570-682008

Trivium Packaging is leading the metal packaging business and emerged from a merger between Exal and Ardagh F&S.

Trivium Packaging has leading positions in all segments served including food, seafood, nutrition, beverage, aerosol, and paints & coatings 

Trivium Packaging has long-term relationships with blue chip customers built on providing outstanding quality and service

A global platform with well-invested asset base in Europe and the America's allows Trivium Packaging to cover global and local customers.

Trivium Packaging is an innovation leader with varied products, technologies, and capabilities, We have strong sustainability focus; with infinitely recyclable products made in environmentally conscious facilities